Vessel Inspections


C&G have several International customers, that include shipowners, brokers, and other interested parties. We use several templates for pre-purchase surveys, including offering a video service. C&G do not merely use checklists, but conduct very intense inspections, that concentrate on all aspects of hull, equipment and machinery. We also, as part of our inspection service, summarize any major cost items liable to become due within certain time frames.

Pre-Purchase inspections cover, at a minimum, in addition to summarizing equipment on board, and condition of same, condition of cargo holds, hatch covers, thickness testing, classification society records, engine performance, condition of ballast tanks, drydocking reports, etc.

Flag State Audits

C&G undertake flag state audits for one of the larger flag states. This service is most useful to owners, crew, and operators alike. This service covers vessel and equipment condition as well as the actual operation of the vessel. When using our services, is a reduced risk of vessel detentions by Port State, and our experienced surveyors are able to assist crews in improving skills, operationally, practically and theoretically.

The annual audits do cover a wide range of activity, and are underpinned by several international conventions. Occasionally we will conduct ‘special’ surveys, these usually occur as a result of a port state detention or other issue.

Owners Audit

C&G have developed a quantified owners audit system, known internally as the ‘snapshot’ project. This will enable ship operators to gauge condition of vessel, and performance of the crew. The data is presented in a graphic format, and quick reference can show up any areas of concern readily. Operators that would like to know more information on this service should contact us through the contacts page.


C&G are able to offer I.S.P.S. audit services, and operators should contact us directly for further information.

Small Craft

Pleasure craft, small commercial fishing vessels, and other sundry small craft can be inspected upon request. Generally these inspections are either for Insurance Companies, who are now requesting out of water surveys prior to being accepted for insurance, or alternatively as a ‘pre-purchase’ inspection.

 Charterers Requirements

It is not uncommon for C&G to be appointed by charterers, to inspect vessels for actual construction, and hold condition, that is in additional to a traditional ‘on hire’ survey.

The construction of vessels can be important when considering loading at a particular berth where they may be equipment constraints, such as use of portable loaders. Modern double skinned hulls vessels can have large hatch openings, and it can be the case that portable loaders do not have the outreach to load outboard.

A charterer may have secured a long term contract to transport a certain commodity, that may require specific vessel condition. Some silica sands for example can require an extremely high level of cleanliness – sometimes referred to as ‘hospital clean’. It is not normally the intention of a charterer to reject a vessel, but to know of the requirements and works that will have to be carried out to bring the vessel into that service.

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