C&G have an extensive interest in the grain trade from the East and South coasts of Australia. C&G are active in the following grain loading ports, Newcastle, Port Kembla, Geelong, Portland, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, and Walleroo.

Not only are Christy and Griffin surveyors qualified as ‘Grain Surveyors’ as defined by the Export Control Act, but also undertake a wide range of activity in addition to surveying vessels.

The full range of grain services include:

  • Pre Advisory Inspections, prior to grain survey
  • Formal grain inspection
  • Pre-Planning of loading
  • Loading Masters
  • Representatives of several national food agencies
  • Representatives of superintending companies
  • Oversee quality control
  • Suitability of vessels for fumigation
  • Hatch sealing services


C&G surveyors are well accustomed to the log trade, and are active in the Ports of Newcastle, Eden, Geelong, Burnie and Portland.

C&G work closely with the log industry, shippers, and shipping companies,  and undertake a range of services:

  • Pre shipment vessel condition – logs are rough on ships, and claims for damage can be extensive, it is therefore vital for a pre loading vessel condition inspection to be made, so that and pre-exsisting damages can be identified.
  • Port captain services: shipowners utilise C&G to oversee loading operations, particularly when a deck cargo is being taken. There are critical loadline, stability, and lashing factors to consider, and it is often the case, that by utilising our services, the total load can be maximised.

Packaged Timber

  • Woodchip
  • Bio Diesel
  • Soya Meal

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